Somesh Pathak

Somesh Pathak

I am a Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility, passionate about delivering innovative technical solutions in the Modern Workplace. Certified Modern Workplace Architect with extensive experience in M365

Modern Device Management and The Need of Automation

Managing devices in an organization are becoming more complex as more and more devices are introduced. And it becomes essential to look for modern solutions that can effectively manage these modern devices, streamline workflows, and lessen the administrative burden. Automating device management is a key feature of any mobile device

What is AOSP? How to use Android Emulators to configure, manage & enroll AVDs in Intune? - Part1

Scenarios Have you been in situations where you need to give demos on different Android OS or models and do not have actual hardware running Android to show different scenarios programs? The Android emulator provides almost all the capabilities of a real Android device. You can simulate incoming phone calls

Defender for Endpoint: Some Essential Queries That You Must Use Right Now!

Overview Being an Intune administrator means that in addition to managing and deploying endpoints, you are also somewhat responsible for ensuring that they continue to comply to the security standards set forth by your company. Likewise, you may have heard a lot about utilizing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to construct

“Unlisted App” - A Boon for Enterprises

Overview Let’s discuss a new way to distribute apps to a limited number of individuals on the Apple App Store. The “unlisted app” feature is much-anticipated because it allows business owners to get their business apps on employees’ devices without spending too much time or money. Recap Last week,

iOS App Distribution – From Private Apps to Enterprise Apps

Overview Apple provides a wide range of application distribution options, each of which serves a particular purpose. This guide will dive into the different distribution methods and when to use each, depending on your distribution needs. Whether you’re an Intune administrator, creating apps for the App Store, or focusing

Target API Level Policy Changes & Its Impact on Enterprises

Overview With the service release 2211 of Intune, password complexity settings for Android Enterprise 12+ devices have been changed. This brings a major change in Password complexity settings for Android Enterprise. The reason for the new password complexity settings is the latest Android OS – Android 13 & API levels! With

Say Hi! to the New Microsoft Store in Intune

The brand-new Microsoft App Store is now generally available. Microsoft Store apps can now be searched for, browsed through, configured, and deployed through Intune. The new Microsoft Store app type is implemented via the Windows Package Manager. This app category provides a wider variety of apps, including Win32 and UWP

Deploy GlobalProtect (Palo Alto) VPN to macOS using Intune

On the last week’s post for Cisco AnyConnect VPN on macOS, I had a request for publishing a similar guide for deploying Palo Alto’s VPN on corporate macOS devices. So on the request of Mieszko Ślusarczyk, this article will help you as an exhaustive guide for installing and

Zero Touch Onboarding & Activation of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Overview You can now configure your iOS devices to be silently onboarded and activated on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint without requiring interaction from the end user. In this flow, you will create a few configuration profiles, and the user will be notified of the installation. Defender for Endpoint is automatically