June 14, 2023

Use Logic App to Get Notified of ADE Token Renewal

Use Logic App to Get Notified of ADE Token Renewal

Use Logic App to Get Notified of ADE Token Renewal
Photo by AbsolutVision / Unsplash

The Apple Device Enrollment (ADE) token, also recognized as an MDM server token, is a key element in ensuring secure communication between Apple Business or School Manager and a Mobile Device Management (MDM) server, such as Microsoft Intune. It is important to remember that this token has a lifespan of just one year, necessitating the upload of a new token to maintain access to Apple Device Enrollment services after this period.

The functionality of the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) account, configuration profiles, device enrollment, and sync options depend on the active status of this token. When the token nears its expiry, a warning banner will be displayed in the Intune admin center to alert Intune admins.

However, missing these renewal deadlines can lead to significant operational disruptions. To prevent this, there are several strategies available to automate the token renewal process. For example:

  • Upload the token file in ServiceNow so that automated tasks are created and assigned to the concerned team before the token expiry.
  • Create a Power Automate (Flow) to remind about token expiry
  • Create a Logic App to remind about token expiry

I am using Logic App to create a quick flow to get reminders about the token expiry and the design is as below:


This quick tip should assist and alleviate any concerns about forgetting token renewal dates in the future.