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Cloud PKI in Intune: The Future of Secure Certificate Management

This blog dives deep into the recently launched Cloud PKI, a game-changer for simplifying and automating certificate management within your Intune environment. Farewell, On-Premises PKI! For years, managing on-premises Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) meant juggling complex configurations, laborious manual tasks, and hefty infrastructure costs. Enter Cloud PKI, a game-changer recently

Modern Device Management and The Need of Automation

Managing devices in an organization are becoming more complex as more and more devices are introduced. And it becomes essential to look for modern solutions that can effectively manage these modern devices, streamline workflows, and lessen the administrative burden. Automating device management is a key feature of any mobile device

Say Hi! to the New Microsoft Store in Intune

The brand-new Microsoft App Store is now generally available. Microsoft Store apps can now be searched for, browsed through, configured, and deployed through Intune. The new Microsoft Store app type is implemented via the Windows Package Manager. This app category provides a wider variety of apps, including Win32 and UWP