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Beyond the Basics: Advanced Android Enterprise Management with Microsoft Intune

Are you using Microsoft Intune for Android Enterprise management and wondering how to unleash its full potential? Look no further! In this series, I'll guide you beyond the basics, helping you harness the power of Microsoft Intune to effectively manage your Android devices.

Reboot Chronicles: An In-depth Look at Android Mainline Updates

Demystifying the processes behind Android's Project Mainline updates.Whether you're navigating spontaneous device behaviors or simply curious about the mechanics of updates, a concise comprehensive guide to understanding the unseen activities that ensure our devices function optimally.

Device Admin App: The necessity and importance

In the modern era, various mobile devices play a significant role in contributing towards organizations' success. One of the main challenge with exotechnology is with securing corporate data.

Factory Reset Protection: Secure your hardware

A security feature called Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) stops a device from being used after an unauthorized factory reset. You can only use the device after a clean with the accounts previously configured on the personal profile of the device.

What is AOSP? How to use Android Emulators to configure, manage & enroll AVDs in Intune? - Part1

Scenarios Have you been in situations where you need to give demos on different Android OS or models and do not have actual hardware running Android to show different scenarios programs? The Android emulator provides almost all the capabilities of a real Android device. You can simulate incoming phone calls

Target API Level Policy Changes & Its Impact on Enterprises

Overview With the service release 2211 of Intune, password complexity settings for Android Enterprise 12+ devices have been changed. This brings a major change in Password complexity settings for Android Enterprise. The reason for the new password complexity settings is the latest Android OS – Android 13 & API levels! With

Bring Your Own Device - Plan, Configure and Securely Enrol Your Personal Devices

This blog post describes the key concepts of the ‘”Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) scenario and will also suggest measures you can use to mitigate the risks associated with allowing BYOD in your organization. BYOD Bring Your Own Device, commonly known as “BYOD“, allows employees to use their personally owned

Android Enterprise: Are your phones slowed down?

Welcome to the new site! It was the reason I didn’t post anything, as I was busy building up the new site and migrating content to it. With this post, I continue to look into the issues faced with fully managed Android Enterprise devices. Like any other enterprise, we

Android Enterprise Device Reboots On Its Own!

In the last few days, many people have complained about the strange behavior of their Android Enterprise Devices, wherein the user’s devices suddenly reboot on their own. I also faced the same issue with one of my customers, and it was hard to find what made the devices go