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iOS Alternative App Stores? Not on My Supervised Devices!

The world of iOS app distribution is experiencing a shakeup, particularly in the European Union (EU). With the recent changes in iOS 17.4, users in the EU now have the ability to download and install alternative app stores on their iPhones and iPads. These app stores operate independently of

Security Without Sweat: Force Enable FileVault During macOS Setup Assistant

You can now enforceĀ FileVault during Setup Assistant with macOS 14. You have the option as an Intune admin to either escrow the FileVault recovery key to your Entra ID or to display it during Setup Assistant. In this article, I'll walk you through the steps of enabling

Factory Reset Protection: Secure your hardware

A security feature called Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) stops a device from being used after an unauthorized factory reset. You can only use the device after a clean with the accounts previously configured on the personal profile of the device.

Defender for Endpoint: Some Essential Queries That You Must Use Right Now!

Overview Being an Intune administrator means that in addition to managing and deploying endpoints, you are also somewhat responsible for ensuring that they continue to comply to the security standards set forth by your company. Likewise, you may have heard a lot about utilizing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to construct

Zero Touch Onboarding & Activation of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Overview You can now configure your iOS devices to be silently onboarded and activated on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint without requiring interaction from the end user. In this flow, you will create a few configuration profiles, and the user will be notified of the installation. Defender for Endpoint is automatically

Security Benchmark for macOS - Best Practice Guide

Overview There has always been a perception that macOS devices are safer than Windows PCs in terms of security. The idea that Apple devices are impenetrable, or secure is widespread. But those times are long gone, as both platforms have seen zero-dat attacks and number of vunerabilities exposed in every

Integrate MTD With Intune

Integrating a Mobile Threat Defense solution with Intune will help you protect corporate data and mobile devices against any network attack or malware attacks and can alert MDM admins if a device is compromised or tampered with. In this blog, we will discuss setting up an MTD connector and will