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MacOS Managed Local Accounts: Friend or Foe? (With a New Friend in Town!)

The world of managing Macs just got a whole lot friendlier (or potentially foe-ish?) with the introduction of a new exciting feature: Managed Local Accounts. Announced at WWDC 2023 and released in Intune today with service release 2402, these features promise to revolutionize the way you handle Mac enrollment and

Uncover the Secrets of AppleSeed: Part III - Mastering the Tools

Picture this: you're an MDM admin tasked with spearheading the deployment of Apple devices across your organization. Amidst the myriad considerations, ensuring seamless device integration ranks paramount. This is where the Mac Evaluation Utility (MEU) emerges as an invaluable ally. Welcome to the last part of the "

Uncover the Secrets of AppleSeed: Part II - Exploring the Tools

Welcome back to second part of "Uncover the Secrets of AppleSeed." In the first part, we delved into what AppleSeed is and its myriad benefits for MDM (Mobile Device Management) administrators. We discovered how this groundbreaking program is shaping the future of Apple's software development and

Mac-on-Mac: Running a Virtual macOS using Parallels Desktop

In this step-by-step guide, I delve into the process of setting up a macOS virtual machine, integrating it seamlessly with Microsoft Intune, and optimizing it with the Enterprise SSO Plugin. šŸŒŸ By leveraging this powerful combination, you can enhance your organizationā€™s device management capabilities, simplify user authentication, and improve productivity

Apple Platform Deployment: An All-In-One guide to managing Apple devices with Microsoft Intune

Around two years ago, I wrote an article for "Managing iOS Devices with Microsoft Intune," a lot has happened since then. The transition from legacy authentication to modern authentication by both Apple and Microsoft has completely changed the way devices are enrolled to MDM in both COD and

Modern Device Management and The Need of Automation

Managing devices in an organization are becoming more complex as more and more devices are introduced. And it becomes essential to look for modern solutions that can effectively manage these modern devices, streamline workflows, and lessen the administrative burden. Automating device management is a key feature of any mobile device