Platform Single Sign-On

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Say "Bye Felicia" to Passwords: Secure Enclave Takes Mac SSO to the Next Level

The integration of Secure Enclave with Platform Single Sign-On (PSSO) advances security-usability balance. This fusion not only enhances the protection against unauthorised access but also elevates the user authentication experience to new heights. This blog post will explain Secure Enclave, its role in bolstering PSSO, and how to use it

MacOS Managed Local Accounts: Friend or Foe? (With a New Friend in Town!)

The world of managing Macs just got a whole lot friendlier (or potentially foe-ish?) with the introduction of a new exciting feature: Managed Local Accounts. Announced at WWDC 2023 and released in Intune today with service release 2402, these features promise to revolutionize the way you handle Mac enrollment and

Taking Platform SSO to the Next Level: Create New Users At Login

Discover how the advancements in Platform SSO are reshaping user management and security in enterprise settings. Read further to explore this significant leap forward for Mac integration in the corporate world.

The Apple Connect: Bridging Identity Services with SSO

Apple's integration of IdP with SSO is a game-changer in digital identity and access management. This innovative merge offers a seamless, secure user experience. It simplifies authentication across various services, enhancing productivity in enterprise environments.