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Factory Reset Protection: Secure your hardware

A security feature called Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) stops a device from being used after an unauthorized factory reset. You can only use the device after a clean with the accounts previously configured on the personal profile of the device.

Android Enterprise: Are your phones slowed down?

Welcome to the new site! It was the reason I didn’t post anything, as I was busy building up the new site and migrating content to it. With this post, I continue to look into the issues faced with fully managed Android Enterprise devices. Like any other enterprise, we

Android Enterprise Device Reboots On Its Own!

In the last few days, many people have complained about the strange behavior of their Android Enterprise Devices, wherein the user’s devices suddenly reboot on their own. I also faced the same issue with one of my customers, and it was hard to find what made the devices go

What Causes an Android Device To Reboot On It's Own Suddenly?

In my previous post –  Android Enterprise Device Reboots On Its Own!, we discussed the weird issue with Android devices rebooting randomly. However, there is more surprise; continue reading further to find the root cause for your devices going spooky! Initial Root Cause As we discussed previously, a few applications were