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Reboot Chronicles: An In-depth Look at Android Mainline Updates

Demystifying the processes behind Android's Project Mainline updates.Whether you're navigating spontaneous device behaviors or simply curious about the mechanics of updates, a concise comprehensive guide to understanding the unseen activities that ensure our devices function optimally.

Set a Deadline For Office Updates on macOS using MAU

The inclusion of options to configure Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) in the settings catalog of the latest service promises to simplify this process.

Mac-on-Mac: Running a Virtual macOS using Parallels Desktop

In this step-by-step guide, I delve into the process of setting up a macOS virtual machine, integrating it seamlessly with Microsoft Intune, and optimizing it with the Enterprise SSO Plugin. šŸŒŸ By leveraging this powerful combination, you can enhance your organizationā€™s device management capabilities, simplify user authentication, and improve productivity

Prevent Supervised Devices From Installing Apple Beta Software Using Intune

Apple's introduction of highly anticipated device management features, including the long-awaited "Platform SSO," has ignited a wave of excitement among users of MDM solutions. Professionals and enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to explore and test these new features.

Integrating Adobe With OneDrive for Business on iOS/iPadOS Devices Enrolled in Intune

With the burgeoning growth of remote work and digital environments, many organizations are relying heavily on cloud storage solutions like Microsoft OneDrive for Business and mobile device management (MDM) systems like Microsoft Intune.

Simplifying MDM Support with Power Virtual Agents and Power Apps

Power Virtual Agents allows anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, to create intelligent chatbots capable of resolving common issues. It integrates seamlessly with Power Automate, Microsoft's tool for creating automated workflows between apps and services.

WWDC 2023: Apple's Leap into Next-Level Device Management - Part 1

This year's WWDC2023 was marked by numerous groundbreaking announcements. Yet, amid the buzz about the new Apple Vision Pro, iOS/iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, and app updates, Apple's leap into next-level device management is an understatement.

Use Logic App to Get Notified of ADE Token Renewal

Use Logic App to Get Notified of ADE Token Renewal

The Magic of ObliterationBehavior

ObliterationBehaviore is a set of instructions, coded into the macOS kernel, that dictates how data is deleted and overwritten when the system is prompted by a user or a remote management command.

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