Somesh Pathak

MacOS Managed Local Accounts: Friend or Foe? (With a New Friend in Town!)

The world of managing Macs just got a whole lot friendlier (or potentially foe-ish?) with the introduction of a new exciting feature: Managed Local Accounts. Announced at WWDC 2023 and released in Intune today with service release 2402, these features promise to revolutionize the way you handle Mac enrollment and

Security Without Sweat: Force Enable FileVault During macOS Setup Assistant

You can now enforce FileVault during Setup Assistant with macOS 14. You have the option as an Intune admin to either escrow the FileVault recovery key to your Entra ID or to display it during Setup Assistant. In this article, I'll walk you through the steps of enabling

Uncover the Secrets of AppleSeed: Part III - Mastering the Tools

Picture this: you're an MDM admin tasked with spearheading the deployment of Apple devices across your organization. Amidst the myriad considerations, ensuring seamless device integration ranks paramount. This is where the Mac Evaluation Utility (MEU) emerges as an invaluable ally. Welcome to the last part of the "

Uncover the Secrets of AppleSeed: Part II - Exploring the Tools

Welcome back to second part of "Uncover the Secrets of AppleSeed." In the first part, we delved into what AppleSeed is and its myriad benefits for MDM (Mobile Device Management) administrators. We discovered how this groundbreaking program is shaping the future of Apple's software development and

Uncover the Secrets of AppleSeed: Part I - The Basics

As an MDM admin, navigating the ever-evolving tech landscape is crucial for keeping your organization at the forefront. This is where AppleSeed for IT becomes your indispensable ally. By participating in this program, you don't just get early access to Apple's prerelease software; you become a

Taking Platform SSO to the Next Level: Create New Users At Login

Discover how the advancements in Platform SSO are reshaping user management and security in enterprise settings. Read further to explore this significant leap forward for Mac integration in the corporate world.

The Apple Connect: Bridging Identity Services with SSO

Apple's integration of IdP with SSO is a game-changer in digital identity and access management. This innovative merge offers a seamless, secure user experience. It simplifies authentication across various services, enhancing productivity in enterprise environments.

BYOD Reimagined: A Web-Based Enrollment Journey for iOS

Streamlining the device enrolment process is crucial for administrators and enterprises implementing BYOD policies. With Microsoft Intune's web-based device enrolment for iOS/iPadOS, setting up and managing devices becomes more efficient than ever.

The Shift From MDM to DDM: A Deep Dive into Declarative Device Management

Declarative Device Management (DDM) is a revolutionary approach to managing mobile devices that empowers them to be autonomous and proactive.