July 23, 2022

Company Portal Version Not Supported!

Company Portal Version Not Supported!

This blog update will help you to troubleshoot the error “Company portal version not supported” when opening the Comp portal app on iOS or iPadOS devices.

When the users open the Comp portal, they receive a message asking them to update the app, and when they click the update button, it redirects them to the App Store. As the users are signed with their personal Apple ID, they receive the message “Update is not available with this Apple ID.”

Since the app is purchased through Apple Business Manager with a VPP token so the app cannot be updated using a personal Apple ID.

This is expected behavior as the device tries to update the app via the end user’s personal Apple store. To avoid this, you have to keep the VPP apps auto-updated. Follow the below steps to configure the auto-update settings for the VPP app: 

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
  2. Select Tenant administration > Connectors and tokens > Apple VPP tokens.
  3. On the list of VPP tokens pane, select Create. The Create VPP token process is displayed.
  4. On the Basics page, specify the following information:
    • Token Name – The token name.
    • Apple ID – Enter the Managed Apple ID of the account used to create the token.
    • VPP token file – Download the Apple Business Manager location token (Apple VPP
        token) for your account and upload it here.

5.  Click Next to display the Settings page.

6.  On the Settings page, specify the following information:

  • Take control of token from another MDM – Set this option to yes to allow the token to be reassigned to Intune from another MDM solution.
  • Country/Region – Select the VPP country/region store. Intune synchronizes VPP apps for all locales from the specified VPP country/region store.

7.  Type of VPP account – Choose from Business or Education.

8.  Automatic app updates – Choose from Yes to enable automatic updates. When enabled, Intune detects the VPP app updates inside the app store and automatically pushes them to the device when it checks in.

9.  I grant Microsoft permission to send user and device information to Apple. You must select I agree to proceed. 

10. Review and create the token.

Synchronise a VPP token

You can synchronize the app names, metadata, and license information for your purchased apps in Intune by choosing Sync for a selected token.